Tutor With Katie provides everything you need for your writing needs. As a former English teacher who specialized in writing instruction and trained other teachers on the art of teaching writing, I can help you learn to write better. Since everyone learns differently, I offer a variety of services. Let me guide your writing either through tips found on my blog, private tutoring, online video courses and tutorials, editing your content, or writing your content for you. No matter which way you learn, you will walk away a better writer with a brighter future.



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Peruse my blog to find writing tips to fit your needs. About once or twice a week, I will write a blog with writing tips in various categories: resume writing, argumentative writing, analysis writing, grammar, cover letters and more.
I offer in-person or online tutoring in English grades 6th-adult. I also offer tutoring in 6th or 7th grade math, pre-algebra, and algebra 1.
Online Video Courses
Video Courses
If you prefer to learn through video courses/tutorials rather than through reading blog tips or working with a private tutor, then check out the tutorials on my youtube channel and/or my online video courses. These courses take you through a variety of writing topics from start to finish, complete with discussion forums and one-on-one help. Currently, I just have my resume writing course, but I will post new courses two times a year, and I will periodically add tutorial videos to my youtube channel.
Copy Editing
Substantive Editing & Copy Editing
Let me help you take writing riddled with grammar errors; awkward, dull sentences; and/or unorganized ideas and turn it into polished writing ready for publication. As a stickler for detail and an avid reader, I can transform your writing. I work both as a copy editor and a substantive editor, depending on the needs and request of the author. Check out my diverse portfolio.
Content Writing
Content Writing
If you need the content written rather than edited, I can write your website content, cover letter, resume, bio, or blog entry—depending on the topic. Check out my portfolio.