Let me help you take writing riddled with grammar errors; awkward, dull sentences; and/or unorganized ideas and turn it into polished writing ready for publication. As a stickler for detail and an avid reader, I can transform your writing. I can also offer valuable reader's feedback to enhance a novel's plot and characterization, or to enhance the readability of any content.

Since becoming a freelancer, I have worked on a variety of projects and created an extensive portfolio in a short amount of time.

*Copy Editor: deals primarily with grammar, sentence structure, and word choice

*Substantive Editor (also known as a content editor or developmental editor): everything a copy editor does plus suggesting and making changes to content, ensuring all necessary information is included and all unnecessary information is deleted; organization, ensuring everything fits together with a logical presentation and natural sequential order; and sentence structure and complexity


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Pricing: $30.00 an hour

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Fiction (Novel or Children's book)
Self-Help Book
Self Marketing Document (Resume/Personal Statement/Cover Letter/Bio)
Website Content
Academic Content

Substantive and Copy Editing Portfolio


Fiction Books

6 children's novels and 1 chapter book

Non-Fiction Books

Several self-help books, a few memoirs, and a few general non fiction books
Website Content

Website Content

4 websites: with some websites, I edited all of the content, and some, I just edited one page or section of the content.
Personal Statements

Self Marketing Documents

Numerous resumes, cover letters, and bios and 3 personal statements


Worked as a substantive editor, editing blog content, for a scholarship company before taking over the writing entirely

Academic Content

2 dissertations, 3 technical writing documents, lawyers' documents, numerous essays and more

*Note: Ethically, I will not substantively edit essays submitted for a grade based on writing ability. Instead, I will do minor copy editing and provide feedback on content, organization, and major sentence/word choice changes.


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Self-Help Book

It was a pleasure to work with Katie - she is detailed, efficient and professional. I liked her so much that I hired her to do additional work for me, I highly recommend her.

Self-Help Book

  4.85 (Skills, Quality, Communication, Deadline, Cooperation=5; Availability=4)

Katie is top-notch! She has an eye for detail, but also has the ability to zoom out and see edits on a big picture / content level. Efficient, professional, and full of insight! I'll definitely be collaborating with Katie in the future.

Non-Fiction Book

I was a joy to work with Katie on my first full book experience. I feel she really cared and connected with the goal of making my story cohesive and compelling as well as grammatically correct. Her suggestions were good and needed edits. She had a natural ability to create better flow over the whole book in the spots where I had mixed up ideas or gotten out of order. I highly recommend her for substantive and copy editing. She met every deadline and turnaround on my project of 50K words was quick. Communication via email was quick and painless. I would use her services again.

Self-Help Book

I am very satisfied with Katie's work editing my book. She was very helpful with rewording sentence structure, grammar, and typos. She offered suggestions in moving paragraphs around so the reader would have a clearer time with the book. By the end of working with her I felt I had a friend that was really for me and my endeavors than just someone I hired to edit my book. I would certainly use her again for my next book.

Technical Writing

it is really interested to work with Katie, she is qualified , takes care of her work, does an effort more than the expected. That is why we paid an additional 50% of our agreed amount as bonus

Self-Help Book

 4.70 (Skills, Quality, Availability, Cooperation=5; Deadlines and Communication=4)
I feel Katie did an excellent job overall! This was my first book, so I had a lot of editing that needed to be done. I wrote the book several times over an extended time, so there was a lot of repetition and too much detail that I feel she did a great job sorting through. In the beginning we didn't communicate clearly about time expectations. However, once we cleared that issue up she was awesome at doing all she could to ensure meeting deadlines, which I really appreciated. On the first edit, she missed a couple things like switching tenses, and proper capitalization/editing of headlines, however she brought the tense issue to my attention and went back to fix it for me. She did several edits, correcting tenses and headlines on her second edit. I am satisfied with her work and would hire her again and recommend her to others. Thank you Katie for all your hard work! :)

Self-Help Book

Katie was great to work with for this project. She is knowledgeable and gave great feedback. We communicated clearly and easily with one another. I would definitely work with Katie again.

Website Content Review

Katie helped me edit articles on my online portfolio. Her work added strength and clarity to my content and message. Putting together a compelling website is a lot of work; I am really glad for her expertise, which freed up my mind to focus on the visuals, layout, programming, and other things. It was greatly appreciated, and I would definitely work with her again.

Self Help Book


Katie was great to work with. I learned a lot thought this process and she was very helpful as I was unfamiliar with this industry. Edits were extremely helpful in getting my thoughts out on the page in a concise manner.

Self Help Book

I love working with Katie. She is a great editor and critic. She took the time to really improve my book and make it the best it could be. Will definitely use Katie on my future projects!!!


 4.85 (Skills, Quality, Communication, Deadlines, Cooperation=5; Availability=4)
Though Katie has been a bit busy while also working on my novel, she communicated all delays clearly. Since I was not on a deadline, it was not problem for me. As a copy editor, she is very good. Grammatically, things are in their place, and she explains with plenty of useful comments in the side, allowing for difference of writing style. I would like to note, however, that sometimes she forgets that dialogue is not always grammatical. The English teacher comes out in her when she corrects dialogue. I'm sure it is fine for clear reporting and most writing. But I like to keep dialogue more true to life, rather than have everyone speak perfect English. If you are seeking a thorough copy editor, you'll find one here.

Self Help Book

My experience was amazing although it was my first experience with my first book editing and with my busy schedule. But Katie did an amazing work. Headache free, smooth collaboration and meeting the deadline with exceptional quality.

Non Fiction Book

Launching my first book was so nerve racking! Katie had helpful advice and was very encouraging; this made me feel I was on the right path. She was very patient and helpful with me, even through the multiple edits, which is part of her process anyways. She was a pleasure to work with!

Personal Statement

Katie managed to complete her job way before the deadline. She's a very talented writer. I will definitely hire her again!

Website Content

Katie is very good at keeping in touch about the assignment regarding questions she has, and she also gets the work done ahead of time.

Children's Book

Katie was great to work with! She was fast, efficient and easy to communicate with. Her editing was very professional and her comments were very specific so that I never had to wonder why she made a change or what she felt was missing. I would definitely recommend her editing and will be contacting her for editing again with any and all editing work I need done in the future.

Blog Post and Website Content

 4.6 (Communication, Availability, Deadlines, Cooperation=5; Skills and Quality=4)
Job well done. Not as good with seo keyword integration but good writing ability.