Tutors Nirvana

Go here to login to your Tutros Nirvana account.
Use your Tutors Nirvana account for all business purposes:

To access your account

Go to my tutors nirvana profile page, click on student login and enter your information. You will see the home screen with your appointments in orange, and my other clients' appointments in gray.

arizona tutor scheduling

To reschedule an appointment

Any time you need to switch your date or schedule a lesson outside your regular appointed time, you need to request a lesson time through your Tutors Nirvana account. Just click on the date you want, and it will bring up a green button: request lesson. Click on the button and fill out the form. I will be notified of your request, and I will send you a verification email.

arizona tutor request tutor lesson

To access your invoices

By clicking on payments and fees (circled in red below), you can see upcoming invoices that need to be paid or view the past invoices you already paid. This section keeps track of all your billing, so you don't have to.

access tutors nirvana invoices

Complete online assignments

Sometimes, I assign students work through Tutors Nirvana. When he/she is ready to work on the assignment, go into the account, click on assignments, and then choose pending assignments from the drop down menu. To look at past work, he/she can click on completed assignments.

access tutors nirvana assignments