Homeschool English

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I accept cash or check, but I prefer to be paid online via my business paypal account. You do not need your own paypal account to pay me online.

*Note: My prices are subject to change; however, once you sign a contract, you are locked into the rate listed in your contract, and you will be unaffected by any increase in my listed pay rate.

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Homeschool Services Explained

Parent's responsibility:

You, the parent, are still the homeschool teacher on record legally. However, you can chose to "outsource" some of the education to me, but you will be responsible for meeting all state requirements, including the storage of records indefinitely.

As a homeschool parent, you will still play a big role in the English curriculum--and since we are working together as co-teachers, we will need to have time to either meet or communicate as needed.

My Part:

I will either use the curriculum you provide, or I will put together a curriculum (with your approval). If I am putting together the curriculum, I will not purchase materials until you agree to use that source. After we have chosen a curriculum, my role will be to teach, assign, and grade work (just like I would do as a public educator). However, you have the right as co-teacher to double check anything I have graded or select to take over the teaching of any concept. While I will perform work much like a public-educator, I will view you as a co-teacher; thus, I will communicate with you and be open to feedback and suggestions.

My Approach:

As an English teacher, I was known as the "fun but hard teacher." My students generally enjoyed my classes and thought I was fun and engaging, but they knew I had high expectations, and many cited my class as the first English class to really push them beyond just comprehending a text or completeing an essay. Since English should be the study of critical and analytical thought, I teach students to really critically think, write, and read rather than just understand the basics. While several English teachers were ok with "the easy correct answer," I pushed my students for the in-depth answer displaying critical thought.