Meet Me: Katie Chambers

Katie Chambers tutorI am an experienced educator with eight years of teaching in the classroom. I graduated college with honors and scored in the top 3% in the nation on the English Praxis exam, an exam for prospective teachers.

After graduating college, I spent eight years teaching English both in junior high and high school. While working at a local junior high, my principal called me the best English teacher she has ever seen, parents called in to praise my methods, and students reported an increase in writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Moreover, while working in public education, I was selected to teach professional development courses to other teachers on various topics: critical reading strategies, the art of teaching writing, and student engagement.

I do specialize in writing and grammar; however, I also feel capable teaching reading comprehension, reading analysis, public speaking skills, and some math subjects (6th/7th grade math, pre-algebra, and algebra I). I tutored algebra students in high school and college.

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Pricing: $25.00 an hour (my home or online), $30.00 an hour (your home)

English tutoring
For students living in the Gilbert/Chandler
area, I offer in person tutoring for English grades 6th-adult.
Math Tutoring
For students living in the Gilbert/Chandler
area, I offer in person tutoring in some math subjects: 6th/7th grade math, pre-algebra, and algebra 1.
Online Tutoring
Online tutoring
I now offer online tutoring for students anywhere in the US. (English/language arts grades 6th-adult and 6th/7th grade math, pre-algebra, and algebra 1)
Homeschool English
Homeschool English
I offer in-person homeschooling in English grades 6th-12th only. (This is for parents looking to outsource and co-teach English to their homeschooled child.)


"Five stars"- Bradley, Chandler Heights, AZ

Katie helped me with a rhetorical analysis and eventual argumentative essay for college level English 102. I was having a lot of trouble with it and she was able to teach it to me in a way that I could get a handle on what I needed to do. She was very insightful and had tons of ideas for me. She had even put some time in on her own doing some research on my topic to help guide me with my outline.

"Knowledgeable, patient, and upbeat...perfect."- Paul, Chandler, AZ

Katie is a very astute English tutor. Due to her knowledge and patience we were able to accomplish all that I had hoped for in a tutoring session. English is not my favorite subject, but Katie's upbeat personality made it much more palatable.

"Best Tutor at great price"--Tyler, Gilbert, Az

Katie worked with me for a while, and I always enjoyed her visits. She had a fun style and was a good conversationalist. But more importantly, she really knew how to teach writing well. She was the best at that as she really broke it down and challenged me, and my mom thought she was worth more than she charged.